Tobacco Bag Easy To Carry

- Feb 05, 2018-

Snuff bottles are used exclusively for snuff, in order to facilitate the general size of a pack of cigarettes. Snus is in the fine grinding of fine tobacco end, mixed with musk and other valuable herbs, and sealed wax pills aging in the years or even decades to enjoy. Smelling the smoke plays a role in relieving fatigue. Tobacco Bag Chinese sniff snuff began in the Ming Dynasty, the late snuff imported very little, only some people in Guangdong sniffing. Kangxi open ban, Western missionaries carry a large number of snuff and snuff bottles. Snuff is becoming fashionable. Western countries such as Portugal, Britain, France and other countries have contributed to snuff and glass snuff bottles. Qianlong emperor often snuffled to the princes, so up and down along the Xi, snuff gradually become a social fashion. After the snuff was introduced into China, the Chinese first used snuff bottles to hold snuff. On the basis of this, they made use of a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques to improve the snuff sachet. Tobacco Bag During their use, they found it more beneficial to store snuff in a large bottle with a lower abdomen to ensure long-term use of the snuff without deterioration and convenience in carrying. The traditional Chinese style of the snake is so popular with snuff smokers. In the Qing Dynasty, up to the emperor, down to the people, smoking snuff is very popular. Feudal nobility led by the emperor, extremely extravagant, they often use snuff bottles to collect valuable materials, Tobacco Bag skilled artisans for their design, manufacture. Some collectors in the international community think that the snuff bottle is a culmination of Chinese arts and crafts pocket art.

Hankow, also known as a pouch, is the most commonly used smoking tool used by rural smokers in old times, and few people now use it. In front of a metal pan, commonly known as tobacco pot, mostly made of copper. Most of the middle of a hollow wooden (mostly ebony, but also useful bamboo) as a pole, the back of the mouth mostly jade jade or emerald, and its accompanying use of tobacco shredded tobacco packs (also known as cigarette packets ), Because there is no filtering device so sucked up is choking. Popular in the Republic of China and the fifties and sixties rural poor families. Tobacco Bag Because at that time there were very few "foreign cigarettes" (cigarettes), Tobacco Bag and even if they were expensive, only wealthy or anonymous officials could afford to suck up. Ordinary people did not have the ability to enjoy cigarettes, and they could only smoke cigarettes. Most smokers in their own plots to grow some of their own tobacco leaves, mature and then dried, and then baked, the tobacco baked into a coke yellow, crushed, Tobacco Bag and then mix a little cooking oil, they become finished tobacco. The tobacco into the cigarette pack, smoking, open the cigarette pack, the pot into the tobacco pot, with the feeling of tobacco will be filled, take out, hand flat, lit, while Burning edge, tobacco is burning It is "sounding, smoke into the mouth through the rod, and then inhaled deeply into the lungs, very enjoyable. Burning until the cut tobacco, into a black, often find the hard things around a knock, Tobacco Bag the empty pot of the pot. Sometimes around the lack of material, it will knock ash on the soles. At that time, it was also interesting to smoke and smoke because without the convenient and cheap lighters and matches now, they could only take fire from the fire sickle. The fire sickle was a quick hit with a black stone picked up by a scythe-shaped ironwork and riverbanks. The resulting sparks were splashed on cotton soaked in hot oil, giving birth to a flare before it could be littered with tobacco. Tobacco Bag Smoking people and tobacco can be said to be inseparable from the morning eyes would have to suck a pot, eat and smoke a pot, work on the ground, but also the pockets do not in the waist, work or rest and chatting with others Have to suck a few mouthfuls too.