Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag Superior Features

- Feb 05, 2018-

Outside using refined white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper, which uses plastic woven cloth, through high temperature and pressure to melt the plastic particles PP, the kraft paper and plastic woven together. Paper-plastic bag is equivalent to the bag at the end of the open pocket with good strength, waterproof and moisture superior characteristics.

Kraft paper bag is one of the most environmentally friendly bags, Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag  and now people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, so more and more people use kraft paper bags, then kraft paper bags in the end what kind of it?

1: According to the material can be divided into: a. Pure kraft paper bags; b. Paper aluminum composite kraft paper bags (kraft paper composite aluminum foil); c: woven bags composite kraft paper bags

2: According to the bag type can be divided into: a. Trilateral seal kraft paper bag; b. Side organ kraft paper bag; c. Self-supporting kraft paper bag; d. Zipper kraft paper bag;

3: According to the appearance of the bag can be divided into: a. Valve pocket; b. Bottom bag; c. Sack at the end of the bag; d. Heat sealed pockets;

Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly, Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag  especially in countries in Europe than China's domestic use is more extensive, although not widely used in our country, but I believe with the promotion, there will be more and more people understand and use kraft paper bags, then There are several ways to make kraft paper bags.

1, small white kraft paper bags, Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag  the general number of bags large, wide range of use, because many of these businesses require such kraft paper bags cheap and durable, usually the practice of this kraft paper bag forming machine, the machine attached to the rope, completely by Machine operated.

2, the medium-sized kraft paper bags approach, under normal circumstances, the medium-sized kraft paper bags are made by the machine paste after the hand-made rope made of kraft paper bag, due to the current domestic kraft paper bag forming equipment by the forming size constraints, Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag  and kraft paper Bag rope machine can only be attached to the smaller bag rope, so the practice of kraft paper bags by the machine restrictions. Lots of bags have no way to make the machine alone.

3, big bag, a devious kraft paper bag, Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag  thick yellow kraft paper bag, the practice of these kraft paper bags to be handmade, at present there is no domestic machine to solve these kraft paper bag forming, can only be hand-made, which Kraft paper bag production costs higher, the number will not be large.

4, no matter what type of kraft paper bag above, Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag  if the quantity is not big enough, Stand Up Kraft Paper Bag  it is usually made by hand, because the kraft paper bag making machine has a big loss and there is no way to solve the small amount of kraft paper bag.