Stand Up Food Bag The Largest Use

- Feb 05, 2018-

With the rapid development of food processing industry, Stand Up Food Bag  the continuous improvement of transport and logistics industry, food packaging is also increasing. Food packaging and food direct contact, the use of materials is properly related directly to the health of consumers. Stand Up Food Bag  China's quality and technical supervision departments of food packaging materials production and processing to strengthen the supervision and implementation of the production permit system. However, some food manufacturers and marketing enterprises have improper phenomena in the production and processing of packaging materials. Stand Up Food Bag  These problems mainly appear in the food products provided to the market by some small workshops, unlicensed traders or packaging operators who specialize in gift foods

According to the product quality supervision and inspection by the quality inspection experts, food packaging materials are paper, plastic, metal, Stand Up Food Bag  ceramics, etc., of which the largest use of paper and plastic. Paper is the basic raw material of natural fibers, to go through a series of processing paper products. In order to improve the whiteness of the paper and improve the sensory index, some of the paper is treated with fluorescent whitening agent. The fluorescent whitening agent is a highly carcinogenic chemicals, although it can play the role of bleaching fiber, but also has a great human and animal poisoning, Stand Up Food Bag  so the national standard food packaging paper fluorescent whitening agent Is a strictly limited indicator. In addition, the ink in packaging paper is also very polluting, posing a threat to consumers' health. Some traders use newspapers to pack food products. The ink on the newspapers contains oil-soluble toxic substances that can penetrate into food products, Stand Up Food Bag  resulting in more contaminated food products, especially fried food products, in newspaper packaging.

Some manufacturers like to use color wrapping paper to increase their decorativeness. Although color inks appear as single-sided prints on the outside of the food wrapper, Stand Up Food Bag  the printed colored paper is bundled together and the unprinted surface of each wrapper comes into contact with the ink. Even waxed waxed paper Wax uneven, color ink is still the opportunity to have direct contact with food. Therefore, the color ink used in wrapping paper is also subject to strict control. There are many high-level food packaging are used tin foil, some non-food tin foil will exceed the allowable health indicators.

Plastic is widely used as a modern food packaging material. Some plastic bags contain plasticizers and anti-aging agents to improve the performance. These additives are often toxic. Stand Up Food Bag  Therefore, the use of plastic for food packaging should be very cautious. Now generally used for food packaging plastic mainly polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene these few, without plasticizers, antioxidants, and therefore non-toxic. PVC is also a commonly used plastic, but its use of additives in production, Stand Up Food Bag  can not be used as food packaging. The vast majority of consumers can not distinguish between what is toxic plastic, which is non-toxic plastic. Packaging oily food such as fried dough sticks, dim sum, it will lead to the packaging of the transfer occurs to spread to food, often eat this packaged food, chronic lead poisoning occurs. Stand Up Food Bag  Recycled plastic waste recycled products, because of the complex source of raw materials, it is difficult to ensure non-toxic, it should not be used as food Shengju and packaging, but should not be filled with cooking oil.