Stand Up Coffee Bag Material Diversity

- Feb 05, 2018-

Coffee packaging a wide range of materials and diverse.  Stand Up Coffee Bag Do not think that coffee packaging is what you usually see a few colorful small bags, in fact, the world of coffee packaging is wonderful.

Raw bean packaging is generally used in sacks.  Stand Up Coffee Bag When exporting coffee beans, the world's different coffee-producing countries typically use sacks of 70 kg or 69 kg (only Hawaiian coffee in 100 pounds). Coffee sacks In addition to the country and its coffee, coffee production units, the name of producing areas, but also the most typical of their country's pattern printed on the sack,  Stand Up Coffee Bag these seemingly ordinary commercial sacks, in the eyes of coffee fans, it is the interpretation of coffee culture background of a footnote. Even become a collection of many coffee fans, such packaging is the most original coffee packaging.

Add a one-way valve on the bag to allow carbon dioxide to be removed but will inhibit the entry of external gases, ensuring that the coffee beans are not oxidized but cannot prevent aroma loss. This type of packaging can be stored for up to 6 months. There are also some of the coffee using the exhaust hole packaging is only in the bag to hit the exhaust hole and not install one-way valve,  Stand Up Coffee Bag so once the coffee beans produced by the carbon dioxide emptying, the outside air will enter the bag,  Stand Up Coffee Bag resulting in oxidation, so its storage time will be greatly reduced

The coffee beans are soon baked and then filled with inert gas seals, which can ensure that the coffee beans are not oxidized and that the aroma will not be lost and that there is enough strength to ensure that the packaging will not be damaged by air pressure and can be stored for up to two years.

Instant coffee packaging is relatively simple, the general use of sealed small bags, to the main strip, in addition to the external packaging box.  Stand Up Coffee Bag Of course, the market also has some of the use of canned instant coffee supply.

Different kinds of coffee packaging materials are not the same, the general raw materials export packaging is simple and ordinary sack material. Instant coffee Packaging also has no special material requirements, basically the general use of food packaging materials. and coffee beans (powder) packaging as a result of the requirements of oxidation and other general use of opaque plastic composite materials,  Stand Up Coffee Bag as well as the more environmentally friendly Kraft paper composite materials.

Coffee packaging Color also has a certain regularity, according to the practice of the industry, the finished coffee packaging color to a certain extent reflects the characteristics of coffee:

Red packaged coffee,  Stand Up Coffee Bag taste generally more thick, can let the drinker quickly from last night's good dream sober up;