Slider Zipper Bag Add Recoverable Features

- Feb 05, 2018-

Food packaging not only carries the mission of dress and food protection, but also provides consumers with maximum convenience and ease of use with minimal environmental impact. Dimensional packaging to the food manufacturers recommend two food packaging - stand-up bags, zipper bags, Slider Zipper Bag these two packages with its convenience, Slider Zipper Bag ease of use, excellent shelf display and environmental protection in recent years in the field of food packaging times Favored.

A free-standing pouch is a flexible pouch with a horizontal support structure on the bottom that can stand on its own without having to lean on any support and whether the pouch is on or off. Stand-up bag has excellent shelf display. In addition, in order to meet the individual needs of the consumer, Independence bags can also increase the individual design elements, such as handle, the outline of the curve, Slider Zipper Bag can be re-zipper, etc., thereby greatly enhancing the consumer's desire to buy. Independence bag has been widely used in food, fruit juice drinks, jelly can be sucked, Slider Zipper Bag condiments, pet food packaging has been widely used.

Zipper bags refer to the addition of a zipper on the basis of the original flexible packaging bag, so as to add a recapable function to the packaging bag so that the consumer can repeatedly seal the unused food. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, zipper bags have been widely used in the field of food packaging such as meats, cheeses, frozen foods, nuts, candies and pastries. At present, Slider Zipper Bag our zipper bags are mainly used in betel nuts and tea fields. Zipper bags for food packaging mainly include three series: pressure-type, slider and zipper.

Self-reliance bags, zipper bags although the history of our development is not long enough, but it has shown a good momentum of development. We have reason to believe that in the near future, Slider Zipper Bag these two forms of flexible packaging will be more and more widely used in the field of food packaging.