Reasons And Solutions For The Mottled Appearance Of Aluminized Packaging Bags

- Oct 29, 2020-

Aluminized packaging bags appear mottled
1. Adhesives are improperly selected. Ordinary adhesives have poor affinity for the aluminized layer and poor coating performance. If the coating is uneven, it will appear mottled.
2. There are many residual solvents in the glue. After the printing film is compounded, the ink layer is moistened by the residual solvent in the glue, which can cause mottle.
3. Lack of hiding power of ink. Especially for light-colored inks, light passes through the ink layer and is reflected back by the aluminum layer to cause mottle.
4. Lack of glue amount or uneven glue application, and there are bubbles in the composite film
1. Use special adhesive for aluminum-plated film.
2. Properly increase the drying temperature of the drying tunnel, or appropriately reduce the composite linear velocity. Ensure that the adhesive can be sufficiently dry.
3. Choose from ink with strong hiding power or thicker ink layer.
4. Properly increase the amount of glue applied to the adhesive and check the condition of the rubber pressing roller to ensure uniform glue application.

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