Reasons And Solutions For Small Pits In The Packaging Bag

- Oct 18, 2020-

Reasons and solutions for small pits in the packaging bag
1. There are impurities in the adhesive, there is too much dust in the air of the workshop environment, there is also dust in the hot air blown from the drying tunnel after the glue is applied, and the dust is stuck on the glue layer and sandwiched in the center of the two base films during compounding.
2. The solvent of the two-component reactive adhesive simply becomes white and turbid under the influence of temperature, resulting in an increase in "small pits".
1. Filter adhesives; adhere to environmental cleanliness; adhere to the cleaning treatment of plastic buckets and glue trays; use a high-mesh filter or other filter materials at the air inlet of the drying tunnel to remove dust from the hot air.
2. The "turbid and white" gelling agent can no longer be used.

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