Plastic Film Printing Method

- Sep 17, 2019-

Custom Printed Rolls The method of printing plastic film can be printed by flexographic, gravure and screen printing. Printing inks are required to have a large viscosity and strong adhesion, so that the ink molecules can firmly adhere to the surface of the dry plastic, and the gyro is easy to dry with the oxygen in the air to dry and so on. Generally, the oil ruthenium for the gravure printing plastic film is composed of a synthetic resin such as a pro-amine, an organic solvent mainly composed of an alcohol, and a pigment which is sufficiently ground and dispersed to form a colloidal fluid having good fluidity, and is a volatile dry ink. It has the characteristics of good printing performance, strong fastness, bright color and rapid drying. It is suitable for printing on the aggregated ethylene and olefin film by gravure printing.