Plastic Bags

- Oct 15, 2019-

Snack Bags

Paper, plastic, glass and metal are the four pillars of the modern packaging industry, with paper and plastic being the most widely used and the fastest growing. Plastic flexible packaging plays an increasingly important role in the following areas.

       (1) Food packaging bags: such as instant noodles, milk powder, tea, small foods, snack foods, beverages, candy, retort pouches, pickled vegetables and meat products, frozen fish and shrimp, condiments, etc.
       (2) Cosmetics and detergent bags: such as shampoo, body cream, washing powder, etc.
       (3) Pharmaceutical packaging bags: PTP aluminum foil, SP composite film, aluminum foil blister, Chinese medicine tablets, capsules, pills, powders, etc.
       (4) Seed bags: various crop seeds and vegetables, flower seeds, etc.
       (5) Industrial packaging bags: such as clothing, knitted underwear, women's and children's products packaging and new year pictures, calendars, posters, etc.