New Products - Custom Bubble Bag With Zipper

- Dec 04, 2018-




100% virgin eco-friendly material,  

can be 100% recycle, and no harm, 

non-toxic to people. 

PE/Aluminium foil film laminated 

with an interior bubble  linings material, 

which is strong enough to prevent breach of the bag.



Zip Lock

Red Slider Closure-They’re easy to open,

easy to spot, and the easiest way to keep you organized. 

The inner bubble have good cushioning effect to

 prevent damage of the loaded items due to pressure, collision or falling.



Printing & Colors


Custom designs, sizes and color printing 

with High-Speed 10 Color Printing Machines.


Kindly provide your requirement of Bag Type,

Size, Color and Quantity to our sales for FAST QUOTE !