Cigar Bag Preservation Equipment

- Feb 05, 2018-

Generally speaking, cigars have a shelf life of only 6-8 months, unless they have special preservatives, but a good environment can make cigars last longer than 10 years, Cigar Bag  while cigars that are alcoholic for more than three years are considered mature Cigars.

Below 18 ° C, the expected cigar ripening process will be weakened, and easily lead to embrittlement and cracking of cigars. Cigar is the most avoidable high temperature, Cigar Bag  if more than 24 ° C, one will accelerate the aging of the cigar, cigar caused the premature loss of the most taste and taste;

Second, over this temperature, Cigar Bag  in a warm environment, can cause tobacco insects appear, may also cause cigar corruption. Cigar Bag  So do not store the cigars in the sun or overly hot enclosed places, away from heat and preferably in the coolest places in the home.

Cigar humidity, for its lighting, Cigar Bag  burning process and the taste of the taste, have a great relationship, too dry or too wet are not good. 65% ~ 75% relative humidity is the most ideal.

However, the definition of "optimum humidity" also allows for some subjective reasons depending on the relationship between personal taste and smoking habits. Cigar Bag  But too wet cigars, it is difficult to ignite and keep burning; flue gas will also be mixed with many water vapor, it seems empty and weak; In addition, it is easy to hot tongue. Too dry, it is difficult to keep burning, or burned very fierce, difficult to control the fire.

For the storage and curing of cigars, Cigar Bag  the temperature and humidity must maintain an optimum ratio. In a warm and humid environment, high temperature and high humidity, cigars are most likely to mold. For example, at a temperature of 40 ° C, if the humidity is still 70%, Cigar Bag  then obviously not work, then you must reduce the humidity.

Cigars absorb the odors of the surrounding environment, so cigars of different intensities (that is, different countries or regions), if put together, Cigar Bag  can absorb the scent of other cigars, and usually they should be stored as different as possible Place to avoid smells.

To completely solve the problem of cigar scent, Cigar Bag  you must save the cigars by brand separately in a separate space, so that cigars can remain authentic.