Causes Of Wrinkling Of Packaging Bags

- Oct 09, 2020-

Causes of wrinkling of packaging bags
1. The thickness of the substrate is not uniform, and the film is too different.
2. Substrate unwinding is skewed.
3. When the amount of glue applied is too much or lacking, interlayer sliding will occur; uneven glue application will also cause the appearance of local wrinkles.
4. The adhesive is boring and insufficient, with too much residual solvent, low adhesion, and displacement of the two substrates after compounding.
5. The composite film will be rolled up without cooling or cooling, and the high temperature and soft composite film will simply wrinkle.
6. Improper setting of tension compound pressure.
7. Improper tension control, uncoordinated and unmatched tension of unwinding and rewinding.
8. The guide rollers are not parallel.
9. The surface of each guide roller is not clean, and there are foreign objects stuck to it, or the surface of the guide roller is not smooth, there are pits, scribes, bruises, etc.

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