Aluminum Foil Tea Bag Good Sealing

- Feb 05, 2018-

The first is the properties of tea, its moisture absorption and absorption of strong, very easy to absorb moisture and odor in the air, if the storage mode is slightly improper,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag will lose flavor in a short period of time, and the more is the clear fermentation of high fragrance of precious tea, the more difficult to retain. Usually tea in storage for a period of time, aroma, taste,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag color will attack changes, the original new tea faded, wine gradually dew.  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag The packaging of tea bags is to keep your tea lasting fragrance.

Many consumers also like to buy in bulk or canned tea to brew, and these buy back will not be a one-time bubble, so also encounter storage problems. And or aluminized Tea packaging good solution to this problem, aluminum foil bag sealing good, moisture-proof shading, no flavor,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag avoid light, moisture-proof performance. So now more and more tea manufacturers began to make these bags into independent small packaging of tea bags, one bag, analysis of tea opened after the air contact with the opportunity to delay the onset of moral deterioration.

Mainly because theanine is mainly synthesized from the roots of tea tree, then transported to bud leaves to provide tea growth. But because the winter tea does not sprout, the whole stop growing, which makes tea can accumulate more theanine at the root. And when spring comes,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag tea buds begin to sprout, tea has relatively more theanine can provide tea buds. At this time, if the tea buds in time, made of tea, can be as much as possible to retain the theanine.

For the pursuit of fresh taste of green tea, it is true that the quality of spring is excellent

However, it should be noted that although the picking season does affect the content of theanine in fresh leaves, but not the most important factor,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag the maturity of fresh leaves, is the main factor affecting theanine content

Tea leaves (1th leaf) and the Old Leaf (6th leaf) theanine content of the gap can reach 10 times times, and spring and autumn tea same grade fresh leaves of theanine content is only relatively small gap.

Analysis on content of tea polyphenols,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag caffeine and amino acids in green tea in different seasons

Of course,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag some people think that before Ching Ming climate cold, less pests, so there is no pesticide. This explanation can be,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag but it has nothing to do with the quality of tea, the problem involved is food safety.