Aluminum Foil Bag

- Sep 05, 2019-

foil bagThe aluminum foil bag is made of aluminum foil bag after dry compounding with aluminum and other high barrier materials according to the unique properties of aluminum. Aluminum has the characteristics of light weight and luster, strong reverse force, good barrier property, non-breathable body and water vapor, strong temperature adaptability, stable shape at high temperature or low temperature, strong shading and excellent fragrance retention, so aluminum foil bag It has good function of moisture resistance, barrier, light protection, permeability resistance and appearance. The water vapor transmission rate can reach <0.015 g/(m2·24h)>, and it also has heat sealing function, which can be vacuum packed. The composite aluminum foil bag is opaque in appearance, silvery white, and has anti-gloss. It can be stored in an environment with temperature ≤ 38 ° C and humidity ≤ 90%.