What to do with compound wrinkles

- May 07, 2020-

The mask packaging bag mainly involves the composite of pure aluminum. Pure aluminum is calendered from pure metal into a very thin film-like sheet, commonly known in the industry as "aluminum film". The basic thickness used is between 6.5 and 7μm. Of course, there are also thicker aluminum films.

Pure aluminum film is very easy to produce wrinkles or breakage, or abnormalities such as tunnels during the compounding process. Especially for the automatic splicing compound machine, when splicing the materials, due to the irregularity of the automatic bonding of the paper core, it is easy to be uneven, and it is very easy to cause the aluminum film to directly wrinkle after compounding, or even die.

For wrinkles, we can remedy the wrinkles from the post process on the one hand to reduce the loss caused by the wrinkles. When the composite glue is stabilized to a certain state, it is a way to re-roll it, but this is only a way to reduce it; on the other hand, it can be from the source Up to reduce, such as using a larger paper core, so that the winding effect is more ideal.

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