Tobacco Bag Planting history

- Feb 05, 2018-

Talking about the pouch, young people may now know little, and some may have heard but never seen, it is estimated that people over the age of 30 still have a certain impression of the pouch. To say that the tobacco bag, we must first talk about tobacco. Tobacco is a year herb, Tobacco Bag Solanaceae. Annual species in March and April, mature in September, about a meter high, petiole was fin-shaped, sticky, panicle top corolla funnel-shaped, shaped like a bugle, the tail is pink, capsule, the seeds are tan. According to the history, the tobacco leaf in China was introduced from the Philippines, Vietnam and North Korea in the 16th century. So far, more than 400 years of planting history has been reached. From the time there is tobacco, the pouch came into being.

Tobacco can be broadly divided into three types: hookahs, snuff bottles, tobacco bags. Hookah appeared earlier, the eighteenth century prevalent in Europe, about Ming Dynasty million years from the southeast coast of China gradually spread to the Mainland, for the majority of people to accept. Tobacco Bag Hookah by the pipe, pipette, water bucket, cigarette packets, through needle, hand rest and other parts, mostly copper. Smoke pipe for a tobacco bowl, which even a thin tube into the water pipe, nozzle into the water, this part is often on the front. Straws generally about 30 cm long, there are longer, located behind or in parallel with the tobacco pipe, or a slight interval, the upper end of the tobacco pipe bent backwards. Insert the lower end of the bucket, Tobacco Bag but the nozzle above the water. In this way, when the cut tobacco is burnt, the smoke passes through the water in the bucket to be sucked into the mouth from the straw, equal to filtering with water. Therefore, whenever smoking shisha, Tobacco Bag it will send a "snore snore" sound, Tobacco Bag smokers enjoy it very much, while the people next to the other is a feeling. In the period from the Qing Dynasty until the Republic of China, the hookahs have always been a kind of consumer goods advocated by people, and can be used as a way of entertaining guests besides their own use. Although cigarette filters have long been replaced by cigarettes, but as a symbol of the times, Tobacco Bag the hookah has also been impressed in people's memory for a long time. Some houses still hold the hookahs left by their ancestors.