The following issues must be understood for automatic packaging rolls

- Jun 27, 2019-

The business is constantly evolving, and a variety of bags are swarming together. Such as three-side sealing bag, zipper bag, stand-up bag, aluminum foil bag, flat bottom bag, etc. However, when purchasing bags, it is divided into cost-saving. Larger brand companies or companies that need the same kind of packaging bags for a long time have chosen to directly purchase packaging film and use fully automatic packaging machines to make them into bags. The process of packaging the bag is the process of making this bag.

1.Then, in the procurement of automatic packaging film, easy to tear automatic packaging film, aluminum plastic automatic packaging film, food automatic packaging film, the key to pay attention to and where to pay attention to? Please look down, Shenkai packaging for your specific answer 1, roll film, composite film, composite film, aluminum plastic composite film diameter is appropriate?

Answer: The diameter of the packaging film is determined according to the active packaging machine. The diameter is generally controlled at about 25cm.

2. What is the temperature between the film, the composite film, the composite film, and the aluminum-plastic composite film?

A: The heat sealing temperature of the fully active packaging film is also determined according to the packaging machine. It has a 90 degree seal and a high temperature of 200 degrees.

3. What is the best coefficient of friction for the film, composite film, composite film and aluminum-plastic composite film?

A: The coefficient of friction of the film determines the speed of the package. In theory, the smaller the better, generally between 0.2 and 0.3, and the control is about 0.25. Of course, some packaging machines require a friction coefficient higher than 0.5 because the friction coefficient is small and slips, so it is necessary to try to determine.

4. What is the number of joints per roll, composite film, composite roll film and aluminum-plastic composite film?

Answer: The national standard requirement is that the whole batch of film is 70% without joints, 15% promises one joint, 10% promises to have one joint, 5% promises to have more than 2 joints, but you can also directly request the supplier. The number of joints per roll of film shall not exceed one. The splicing form is used, and the joints are made of red or yellow tape as a symbol.

5, roll film, composite film, composite film, aluminum-plastic composite film trimming degree is how to ask?

Answer: The trimming error of the film needs to be controlled within 1mm, otherwise it will be uneven, which will seriously affect the production power.

6. What are the requirements for the printing quality of roll film, composite film, composite roll film and aluminum-plastic composite film?

A: The demand for film film prints is: knife line, plate stain, color ban, knife line, version of the naked eye is not a standard, printing color advocates that you and the supplier sign up and down errors, you can accept the scale. The overprint error is more than 0.02mm, and the plate roller is looking for a domestic first-class plate making company. Try to find a supplier with 10 color printing machines to print.

7. What is the crease requirement of the roll film, composite film, composite roll film and aluminum-plastic composite film?

Answer: The dead wrinkles are not allowed. The wound wrinkles with a width of less than 20cm are not allowed to exceed one in a square meter. The length of the crease does not exceed 30cm. The reason for the crease is the manipulation of the composite tension.

8, roll film, composite film, composite film, aluminum-plastic composite film whether there is odor, solvent residue is over-spending, but also if the rules?

A: Because the solvent (butyl ester) and glue (polyurethane) selected for printing are selected to be unclean by evaporation of ethyl acetate, refer to the company's specifications.

9. What is the weight of each roll of roll film, composite film, composite roll film and aluminum-plastic composite film?

A: The weight of each roll generally does not exceed 25KG. Try to control it at 15KG~25kg, depending on the width of the film. Because the factory is generally a female worker, it is convenient to transfer.

above all: When purchasing automatic packaging film Must look at the qualifications of the supplier and the size of the enterprise. The food packaging film needs QS certificate, and the drug packaging film needs a drug package registration license.

Understand the performance of the fully active packaging machine that has been purchased, and if you don't know it well, you are asked to supply the packaging film.

The supplier will come to your site to see this fully active packaging machine. In the early stage, it is necessary to purchase the small-volume batch to come back to the test machine to see what problems exist in the supplied packaging test machine film to facilitate subsequent improvement, and to supply packaging film. Suppliers, the production environment and the handling of the production process are also highly valued by your needs. The regular enterprise has a number on the inner wall of the paper tube of each roll film, and each number is different for easy traceback;

There are also packaging and transportation, must be bulky + tray + winding film + corner + cover + support, if you choose to transport in bulk, the following problems may occur: because the barbaric transportation of the logistics delivery company will cause the carton to be damaged, the film of the film The tube is deformed, and the surface of the film is dirty, especially if it is infected with bacteria that are not controlled. Shenkai Packaging wishes all purchasing personnel to go smoothly in the process of purchasing. I hope the above will help everyone.