the composite bag

- Aug 19, 2019-


1. the composite bag

The composite bag material is a composite of a variety of plastics.

The composite bag proofing fee is more expensive than the conventional plastic bag proofing fee. In addition to the material itself, the blown film loss is required, and the laminating bag machine is different from the ordinary plastic bag machine. The length is more than 20 meters, and several masters are installed in the printed version. It takes a long time to complete the delay.

2. the printing fee

The printing cost of the plastic bag is related to the size of the machine and the size of the bag, but it is not the cheaper the bag, but the circumference of the drum after the layout. If the length of the typesetting is larger, the cost will be higher, so the cost of the pouch may be more expensive than the big bag.

3.the thickness

Domestic commonly used silk or C said that the international commonly used mm, micron or mil.

1 wire = 1 C = 10 micron = 0.01 mm.
1mil = 2.54C.