Tea packaging bags

- Jun 17, 2020-

As people pay more attention to food safety, many consumers pay attention to the material of food packaging bags when buying food products. Most food packaging on the market now uses plastic packaging bags.

To So which kind of tea packaging bag is safer? In fact, many tea manufacturers have realized the importance of product packaging, so many businesses have begun to use aluminum foil packaging bags. Because the packaging bag made of aluminum foil is more advanced for packaging tea, consumers prefer to buy tea packaged with aluminum foil when purchasing tea, so this material is widely used.

Tea packaging bag is a very common type of packaging bag in our daily life. The basic requirements are moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, good sealing performance, environmental protection, and fine printing. Do you also know the material of tea packaging bags? The following is an explanation from the IPAK packaging engineer:


1. PET, VMPET, PE, which is a high-density, high-barrier, light-shielding vacuum packaging bag composed of three plastic films, commonly known as polyester aluminized packaging bag. We can often see its use in small tea packaging in our lives.

2.PET, AL, PA, PE, which are vacuum packaging composed of nylon and high pressure, have the characteristics of puncture resistance, stretch resistance, high density and moisture resistance. This is also used for large tea bags and small tea bags, and is also very suitable for tea packaging.

3.MOPP/kraft paper/AL/PE. The tea packaging bags made of these four materials are commonly called kraft paper tea bags. Compared with the above two types, they are more atmospheric and can better reflect Chinese tea culture. The bag type of this kind of bag is generally a middle-sealed organ bag and stand up zipper bag, and a higher grade is flat bottom tea bag. Any bag type can be selected by the customer.

The above is a few explanations on the main materials of tea packaging bags by Shenzhen IPAK Packaging. I hope you can learn more about packaging bags when you see it at this moment.

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