IPAK packaging takes you to know the stand-up pouch

- Sep 23, 2019-

Up to now, stand-up pouches are basically divided into the following four types:

  1. Ordinary stand-up pouch:
    And the general form of the stand-up pouch, in the form of four edges, can not be re-closed and repeated open, this stand-up pouch is generally used in the industrial supplies industry.stand up bags

  2. Stand-up pouch with spout:
    The Stand-up pouch with spout: is more convenient for pouring or sucking the contents, and can be re-closed and repeatedly opened, which can be considered as a combination of the stand-up pouch and the ordinary bottle mouth. This stand-up pouch is generally used in daily necessities packaging for liquids, gels, semi-solid products such as beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchups, cooking oils, jellies, such as the famous Hiroji CiCi.Spout Bag 1 (43)

  3. Stand-up pouch with zipper:
    The zippered stand-up pouch can also be resealed and re-opened. This form is not suitable for encapsulating liquids and volatile materials due to the fact that the zipper form is not closed and the closure strength is limited. According to the different ways of edge sealing, it is divided into four sides and three sides. The four sides are that the product packaging has a layer of ordinary edge sealing in addition to the zipper seal at the factory. When using it, the ordinary edge banding must be first torn. The zipper is used to achieve repeated sealing, which solves the disadvantage that the zipper edge strength is small and is not conducive to transportation. The three sides are directly sealed with a zipper as a seal, which is generally used to hold lightweight products. Zippered stand-up pouches are generally used to pack lighter solids such as candy, biscuits, dried fruits, etc., but four-sided stand-up pouches can also be used to package heavier products such as rice and cat litter.Kraft Paper stand up Bag

  4. Shaped stand-up pouch:
    That is, according to the packaging needs, the new self-supporting bags of various shapes produced by the changes on the basis of the traditional bag type, such as the waist design, the bottom deformation design, the handle design and the like. It is the main direction of the value-added development of stand-up pouches.Spout Bag 1 (14)

    With the advancement of society and the improvement of people's aesthetic level and the intensification of competition in various industries, the design and printing of stand-up pouches has become more and more colorful, and its forms of expression have become more and more. The development of special-shaped stand-up pouches has gradually replaced the status of traditional stand-up pouches. the trend of.