Stand Up Food Bag Requirements are higher

- Feb 05, 2018-

Casual meat food packaging bags, they are made of aluminum foil, not only that, but they are all vacuum bags. Leisure meat products for shelf life are relatively high, Stand Up Food Bag  the vacuum bag is conducive to enhancing the shelf life of food.

Foil package, the oxygen transmission rate is very low, so that it can greatly reduce the oxidation reaction in food. And aluminum foil for grease has very good resistance, grease material you want to infiltrate the aluminum foil layer, ran outside the bag, it simply did not gate. Stand Up Food Bag  Foil package is also the water to the fire, whether it is boiled or high temperature sterilization, high temperature 130 ℃ or less, it still maintain its own, not unfamiliar. These vacuum bags are both masculine and flexible. For some hard-bones meat products, with soft means around the finger gently, just soft, how they pierce these bags is not pierced.

Surface decoration of the color ink coat is also made of special ink, matte tea snack bags, boiled, high temperature torture is to take them no way, Stand Up Food Bag  and after these harsh means, jujube snack food bags, these meat Food bags actually still spotless, bright and beautiful.

After the resin is heated to produce chemical changes, gradually hardening molding, then the heat is not softened, can not be dissolved. Thermosetting resin molecular structure for the body, which includes most of the condensation resin, thermosetting resin has the advantage of high heat resistance, Stand Up Food Bag  the pressure is not easy to deform. The disadvantage is the poor mechanical properties. Stand Up Food Bag  Thermosetting resin phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester and silicone ether resin.

Fillers can improve and enhance the properties of plastics. For example: adding fiber can improve the mechanical strength of the plastic; adding asbestos can enhance the heat resistance of the plastic; Stand Up Food Bag  adding mica can enhance the electrical insulation of the plastic; Stand Up Food Bag  adding graphite and molybdenum disulfide can improve the abrasion resistance and wear resistance of the plastic. Stand Up Food Bag  Adding filler can also reduce the cost of plastic.