Stand Up Coffee Bag Particularly important

- Feb 05, 2018-

The word "coffee" is derived from the Greek phrase "kaweh",  Stand Up Coffee Bag meaning "power and passion". The coffee tree is a small evergreen tree, the daily coffee is used with coffee beans with a variety of different cooking utensils produced, and coffee beans refers to the fruit of the coffee tree,  Stand Up Coffee Bag and then baked with proper baking method. Around the world, people are becoming more and more fond of drinking coffee. The ensuing "coffee culture" is full of life every moment. Whether at home,  Stand Up Coffee Bag in the office, or in various social situations, people are making coffee, and it is gradually associated with fashion, modern life.

Coffee drinkers know, coffee beans baked will naturally produce carbon dioxide, direct packaging easily cause packaging damage and prolonged exposure to air will cause aroma loss and lead to coffee in the oil and aroma components of the oxidation of quality decline,  Stand Up Coffee Bag so the coffee beans (powder) packaging appears to be particularly important.

Coffee packaging a wide range of materials and diverse. Different kinds of coffee packaging materials are not the same, the general raw materials export packaging is simple and ordinary sack material. Instant coffee Packaging also has no special material requirements,  Stand Up Coffee Bag basically the general use of food packaging materials. and coffee beans (powder) packaging as a result of the requirements of oxidation and other general use of opaque plastic composite materials, as well as the more environmentally friendly Kraft paper composite materials.

As the name implies is used to seal the sealing strip, mainly used in the coffee bag, to prevent the opening of the bag after the worm crawl, fresh moisture seal.  Stand Up Coffee Bag Coffee bag sealing strip material generally for PP, PE, PVC, process can be divided into no glue, full plastic, half plastic, embossing and so on,  Stand Up Coffee Bag can also be made into paper sealing strip. It is like a wire with the external force and bending deformation, the loss of external forces do not rebound, to maintain the shape of the outstanding performance,  Stand Up Coffee Bag and the perfect combination of coffee bags, to achieve high-quality sealing effect.  Stand Up Coffee Bag Uses the coffee bag sealing strip mainly uses in the coffee bag mouth, may fix the bag mouth, plays the seal fresh-keeping moisture, prevents the small worm to climb into the function.