Slider Zipper Bag solution

- Feb 05, 2018-

Slider Zipper Bag Re-sealable packaging has long been prevalent in the market, zipper bags, tapes, sliders, etc. are more popular multiple sealing solutions. Sealing multiple times to facilitate the preservation and carrying of food, for consumers, the use of very convenient. Slider Zipper Bag However, these packaging solutions need to achieve the effect of multiple seals by adding new features, which not only affect the efficiency of the packaging production, and there will be tightness concerns. In addition, most of these packaging solutions can not break through the limitations of bags of food, it is difficult to apply to a wider range of packaging.

As a patented product, Slider Zipper Bag Bostik M resin is especially suitable for tray packaging, which is used as a special PE film together with ordinary PE particles of other layers as an intermediate layer in the manufacturing process of a multi-layer PE film and is then combined with a printing film Cover film, heat-sealed with the tray, this series of processes are almost no difference with the conventional process. So repeat the seal in the end body now where? When consumers buy the pallet food, the first time the opening is still the same as ordinary products, when the first time after taking the food, just gently press the seal, Slider Zipper Bag the lid and the tray will be sealed again Together, so as to better food isolation and preservation, effectively extend the edible period of food.

Unlike M resin, another repeat-sealing technique of Bostik uses a coating process. The system is a pressure-sensitive, water-based glue that does not require full-scale coating during normal compounding, Slider Zipper Bag but simply positioning the window to the desired location to provide the most effective repeat sealing performance and Taking into account the cost-effectiveness.

M resin is an adhesive that can be used in multi-layer plastic film to seal plastic food packaging repeatedly to extend the shelf life of food and reduce food waste. Slider Zipper Bag At the same time, the plastic packaging with repeated opening function can avoid the unnecessary cost caused by over packaging and the environmental burden, Slider Zipper Bag so as to achieve sustainable development.

Composite film itself, was originally based on cellophane and polyethylene film, polypropylene composite, mostly used in snacks and other dry food packaging, is the use of polyurethane-based single-agent adhesive processing. Later, with the improvement of cultural taste and the development of food (cooking food, etc.), the changes in distribution facilities (supermarkets, Slider Zipper Bag a large number of retail stores, franchised stores, etc.), Slider Zipper Bag the large amount of cheap and cheap supply of plastic film Of the food has also begun to diversify and advanced, sterilization methods also developed from ordinary cooking method for high temperature steam sterilization.