plastic packaging bags

- Jan 24, 2020-

The classification of composite plastic packaging bags can be generally distinguished from food packaging bags and non-food packaging bags
Packaging bags are classified according to their functions: aluminum foil bags, vacuum bags, boiled bags, high-temperature retort bags, freeze-resistant bags, high barrier bags, antistatic bags, aseptic bags, microwave bags, anti-fog film bags.
Food packaging bags are classified according to bag shape: ziplock bag, zipper bag, stand-up bag, three-side sealing bag, middle-sealing bag, special-shaped bag, automatic packaging roll film, true and false upright zipper bag.
Classified according to the contents of the packaging bag: food packaging film bags, cosmetic packaging, daily chemical washing packaging, pesticide packaging films, bags, health products, pharmaceutical packaging films, bags, electronic components, military supplies packaging, pet food packaging Film, bag, seaweed, aquatic product packaging, seasoning, roasted packaging, tea, coffee packaging application raw materials
    There are tens of millions of types of packaging bags. With the progress and development of the times, more plastic packaging bag styles will be produced.