Nuts packaging bags

- Jun 25, 2019-

Nut bags are a small category in dried fruit bags, including walnut bags, pistachio bags, and sunflower seed packages. Compared to other dried fruit bags, nut food bags have several features:

1, flexible and puncture resistance, to prevent the nut food hard shell to puncture the bag.

2, the packaging is more high-end, highlighting the high nutrition and grade of nut food.

The two features mentioned above, in fact, only the first one is the real demand for nut food packaging, the hard shell does pierce the food bag. In the nut food packaging bags on the market, we can often see the shadow of aluminum foil material: aluminum foil and kraft paper composite, aluminum foil and transparent film composite. This should also be considered a feature of the nut food bag. Next, we recommend several nut food bags.

  1. Three-side sealing nut food packaging bags, each of which is heat sealed to a half centimeters, and the upper part is heat sealed by 1 to 2 cm. The customer loads the nut food into the three-side envelope from the bottom and then heats the half centimeter.

2, harmonica bag nut food packaging bag, this is the most used bag of sunflower seeds, the left and right have a folding edge, large capacity, beautiful shape.

3, octagonal sealing nut food packaging bag, this bag has a three-dimensional sense, can stand on the shelf, easy to sell the swing, consumers eat. There are three planes on the side and bottom for the printing of food packaging bags. There are more places on the front and the side to advertise and beautify, which is conducive to promoting the brand and attracting consumers' attention.

4, self-supporting nut food packaging bags, stand-up pouches are also common in nut foods, can stand on their own, usually with a zipper, easy to carry and eat nuts.