Introduction to the product attributes of the color of the bag

- Sep 29, 2019-

1, food packaging
Commonly used in rich and colorful tones, with red. Yellow, orange, etc. emphasize the taste. Highlight food fresh, delicious, nutritious; use blue and white to indicate food hygiene and freezing; use tender green to express fresh and chlorophyll-containing vegetables; use calm and simple tones to illustrate the brewing history of wine.
2, pharmaceutical packaging
Commonly used cold and warm color blocks. Use ash cool color to indicate anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, sedative powder; use warm color to indicate nourishment, nutrition, excitement and heart; use black blocks to indicate toxic, red and black blocks to indicate hypertoxicity. The intermediate color is generally used so that the patient does not feel too irritating and has a feeling of disgust.3. Cosmetic packaging
Commonly used cosmetic packaging should have a soft midtone. Use light pink, light rose to express lightness and nobleness; use extreme color (black) to express the solemn side of certain cosmetics (men).

Cosmetic packaging bags4. Hardware, mechanical tools packaging
Hardware and mechanical tools can be used in blue, black and other colored blocks to express solid, precise and durable features. Increase the color of the package.
5. Children's toy packaging
Commonly used children's toys packaging should be bright and colorful and warm and contrasting colors to meet the children's psychology and hobbies; baby products with a soft color as a full color to symbolize the baby's young image.
6. Textile packaging
Textile packaging is recommended to use the hierarchical relationship of black, white and gray, in order to use the method of comparison and contrast in the reconciliation. For women's textiles, use bright and colorful colors to suit the needs.
7. Sports goods packaging
Sporting goods packaging uses bright and bright color blocks to increase the sense of activeness and movement. The above is a general introduction to the law, and some do the opposite, and play a prominent role in similar products.