How to charge the plate making fee for color printing bags

- Sep 24, 2020-

    Packaging bag color printing factory Maker Packaging specializes in customizing composite bags. When it comes to color printing, it is of course necessary to print patterns, and printing patterns require plate making. Generally, the first custom color printing composite packaging bag requires plate making fees.


    Many customers hope that our packaging bag color printing manufacturers can reduce or exempt the plate-making fee, is this possible? Under normal circumstances, the version fee will only be refunded after reaching the amount determined by both parties, instead of reducing the version fee from the first order.


    The plate-making fee of the color printing packaging bag is based on the size and bag type of the composite bag to customize the plate height and the plate week before the specific price can be calculated. Different types of bag types have different layout methods, and different sizes have different sizes. Therefore, the plate-making fee for color printing packaging bags needs to be calculated in specific circumstances. For more details, please consult our 24-hour hotline 13554906979.

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