Eight advantages of Eight sides sealing bags

- Sep 21, 2019-

Eight advantages of Eight sides sealing bags
1. Stands steadily, which is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts consumers' attention;
2. There are eight printed layouts, sufficient places to describe the sales of products or language products, and global sales products for promotion. Product information display is more complete;
3, because the bottom of the bag is flat open, the bag is laid flat, the bottom is the best display layout;
4, the eight sides sealing  pen stands very well, which is conducive to the brand's feminine display;
5, flexible packaging composite process, material changes, according to the thickness of the material, moisture and oxygen barrier, metal effect and even printing effect, the benefits vary greatly than a single box,
6, eight sides sealing bags with reusable zipper, consumers can re-open and close the zipper, the box can not compete;
7, unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy identification by consumers, is conducive to brand building;
8, can be multi-color printing, the product looks beautiful, has a strong promotion and promotion

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