What should I pay attention to in the design of food packaging bags?

- Oct 21, 2019-

In the packaging design of goods, people produce all kinds of feelings and associations through colors, patterns and words. More than 80% of human information comes from vision. If the designer grasps and uses the color of the package, it can directly reflect the inner goods. This kind of product is likely to become the buyer's first choice, and the design of the food packaging bag plays a key role in this process. How to use the color of the product itself to present on the packaging bag is the best Thousands of goods give people the impression that they have a basic concept of the inner goods.
The design pattern combination of the packaging bag is mainly considered from three aspects: one is the way of organization; the other is the theme of expression; the third is the style of display. Either way, you must be intimately connected to the inner item to show the clarity of the theme, so that the buyer is clear and easy to understand.
If you simply think that the bag is an external item carrier, then you are wrong, and the beautiful bag should not only have:
One is the exquisite color, the second is the exquisite design of the pattern, and the third is the exquisite packaging.
The packaging should have more connotations. For example, by designing the appeal in the packaging bag, the fun of the picture, and the humanistic emotions of the text, thereby enhancing the product image and corporate culture, the product becomes temperature.
All in all, the design of food packaging bags should focus on a theme, starting from the whole, thinking from the big picture, highlighting from the details, conforming to the characteristics of the goods, and being close to the consumer's psychological demands.

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