Cosmestic Packaging Bag The importance of

- Feb 05, 2018-

Solid granular (powder) cosmetic packaging.

Such cosmetics are mainly powder, powder and other granular powder (powder) products, often used in packaging methods are cartons, composite cartons (mostly cylindrical box), glass bottles (wide mouth, small), metal Boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles (wide mouth, small), Cosmestic Packaging Bag  composite film bags. Under normal circumstances, the packaging containers for exquisite decoration printing, at the same time, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  the use of plastic and metal containers, packaging, often with a beautifully printed cartons to match.

The type of solid cosmetics is relatively small, mainly eyebrow pencil, powder, all kinds of lipstick. This type of cosmetics packaging easier. Such cosmetics can use some non-toxic plastic cosmetic packaging bags or plastic packaging to do the packaging, not only play the role of packaging, but also make everyday use more convenient.

Spray packaging is accurate, effective, simple, hygienic, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  on-demand access and other advantages, commonly used in more high-end cosmetics and require orientation, quantitative access to cosmetics packaging. Use of this form of hair with hair mousse, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  hair spray and other cosmetics. Commonly used spray containers are metal spray cans, glass spray cans and plastic spray cans.

However, the paper-based cosmetics are basically disposable packaging products, consumers are basically returned after the purchase of cosmetics to go home, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  even if the quality is not high for multiple use, two or three times the basic use of the shape has begun Occurred changes, resulting in cracks or various folds, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  some common paper bag will appear at the handle perforation rupture.

However, plastic bags are different, plastic cosmetic bags have good plastic properties, the appearance looks more beautiful than the paper look good, better quality, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  easy to use multiple times, due to the transparent features, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  which can better set off inside Cosmetics, if bags printed on the brand and logo, you can more prominent brand, make your cosmetics more loved by consumers.

And plastic cosmetic packaging forms can be diversified, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  for example, cosmetics handbags, cosmetic boxes, etc., are now popular forms of cosmetic packaging.

Cosmetic bag is a good form of cosmetic packaging, after the purchase of consumers can carry a bag to continue shopping, both play a role in packaging and facilitate consumer shopping. Cosmestic Packaging Bag  The general cosmetic bag has paper and plastic, of course, Cosmestic Packaging Bag  the market is also very popular paper bag, but the plastic bag is still very much loved by consumers, because plastic bags not only well packaged Cosmetics can also protect cosmetics, not damaged, easy to store and so on.