Cigar Bag Different styles

- Feb 05, 2018-

Cigars are different from other items. Cigar's life has been continuing, want it to bloom the most beautiful wonderful, need to be careful care of it. A newly bought cigar, Cigar Bag  and a cigar alcoholized three or four years, different styles, as if through the polishing time, cigar also ebb and flow, become more mellow.

18-21 ° C is considered the ideal cigar storage temperature. Below 12 ° C, the desired cigar ripening process will be weakened, Cigar Bag  so the cold wine storage cellar does not apply to most types of cigars.

Above 24 ° C can cause the appearance of tobacco worms and may also cause the cigar to decay. To absolutely prevent moisturizing sunshine direct sunlight.

Fresh air is supplied regularly to the moisturizer and the moisturizer is turned on at least once in two weeks. Electronic cabinet is not available, Cigar Bag  equipped with automatic ventilation system.

Humidity Box to maintain a constant relative humidity between 65-75%, and constant supply of fresh air, Cigar Bag  theoretically save the cigar is no time limit.

After many years of keeping high-quality handmade cigars, Cigar Bag  you can keep their flavor intact. Especially in the UK, there is a habit of keeping cigars long-lasting.

Treasures Cigars generally have been aged in air conditioners at factories or distributors for about 6 months before being shipped to tobacco. However, due to the strong demand for Cuban cigars, Cigar Bag  there are increasing signs that the maturation process is gradually shortening.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy cigars, and then in their own moisturizing box aging 3-6 months after smoking. Cigars can radiate a smoother flavor during ripening. Cigar Bag  Some treasures of cigar after curing a few years, it may radiate a unique fragrance. Cigar Bag  So it's up to everyone's taste to decide when to stop aging.

One of the most interesting things about a cigar maker is the comparison of flavors at different aging times for the same brand. Cigar Bag  So you can find the most suitable storage and aging time.