Aluminum Foil Tea Bag Original freshness

- Feb 05, 2018-

How does the tea be packed in vacuum? Is there a need for a tea deoxidation agent for vacuum compression? Everyone by the past to buy the impression of tea, whether to pay attention to the tea in the hands of packaging, there are a small packet of deoxidation agent in it? Of course, many people mistakenly think it is a deoxidation agent, but is actually used to absorb oxygen. Because tea after contact with oxygen, easy oxidation,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag loss of original freshness, and even stale. However, not all tea leaves really need to put a deoxidation agent. In fact, only the more light fermentation, less baked tea, such as the current market on the high mountain Oolong tea, and flavor close to green tea Oolong tea, bag of tea, only really need to deoxidation agent. Fermented enough, baked tea, such as the traditional method of frozen top Oolong tea, black tea, etc., is not necessary to deoxidation agent, because they are stable quality, more difficult because of a little air changes and stale phenomenon.  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag But, in the end want to deoxidation agent, this depends on the experience of tea line judgment!

Do not ferment and light fermented tea only need to vacuum, heavy fermented tea, as long as the dryness of the foot or the degree of baking does not necessarily require vacuum compression. and compression can not be a full vacuum, otherwise the tea is easy to squeeze because the squeeze produces a lot of powder.  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag So most of the tea line out about 80%-90% of the air,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag plus deoxidation agent, continue to absorb oxygen, to ensure the freshness of tea Oh! But some of the tea line in order to make consumers feel at ease, or will be all vacuum packaging.

Precautions for tea vacuum packing

How does the tea be packed in vacuum?

Oolong Tea Storage Most afraid will encounter aluminum foil bag broke, not immediately found the situation, because the whole package of dozens of kg of tea may be due to the bag leakage and began to damp, stale! Because of the hole, the tea produces tidal smell, miscellaneous taste,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag then you must bake a fire, so that the tea back to dry. If you encounter a low degree of fermentation of tea, once damp serious or even long mold,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag almost difficult to recover.

However, such as black tea, Puer tea, such as the need for late-aging tea, is not suitable for vacuum packaging, such as Pu ' er tea with the more Chen Yue incense consensus, and then fermented tea, it needs to contact with the air constantly in the passage of the aging out of the time,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag the taste of aging, and contact with Air is one of the conditions, if it is a vacuum packaging, Then stop transforming, not the tea.