Aluminum Foil Tea Bag More prominent

- Feb 05, 2018-

The packaging bag is the brand image endorsement product, take the tea packing bag as the example, therefore designs the both art price and has the market price the emergency of the tea package is more outstanding.

First, tea packaging imitation signs are more severe.  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag From product content to packaging planning, some probably so completely imitated, can only be transmitted to the prototype.

Second, there is no exclusive brand packaging planning boldness. Have seen an enterprise products of the high gift box packaging,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag 4 products placed on the shelves is not like a family, more unlike the same brand, because of its brand packaging planning difference too big.

Third, packaging planning program information expression is not in place. And a lot of tea packaging originally just let consumption bereaved straight look to information,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag but because the packaging planning information is not in place, vision is weak,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag swallowed in other product packaging, so that on the shelf to see can not see, so can not seize the moment before the customer shelves, the ultimate failure of goods.

Four, in the information icon is not yet in line with international standards. Most of the domestic packaging does not mark the opening of packaging,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag drinking, storage essentials, probably not comprehensive logo.

There is no standard for judging a good package. Only by the business relationship decided to plan the staff's intuition firmly, that the order of customers through that is good packaging,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag but only consumption users is the ultimate packaging quality of the final judge.

Vi. The marketing mission of packaging design is not located.  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag Whether the product packaging grade or packaging situation can not reconcile the embodiment and spread the brand price.

Seven, tea packaging products have no characteristics. Many enterprises to launch a series of packaging products, but the level of deployment is not fair,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag primary and secondary is not clear, the information is not accurate, so that the consumption people do not think there is any level and differentiation.

Eight, did not give full play to the results of packaging. Analogy packaging planning and advertising unity, packaging planning and promotion of unity,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag there are packaging itself modelling planning (property modelling planning category).

Nine, worshipping, no national characteristics. Not very good use of local characteristics of the traditional color,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag graphic creation elements,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag a search for the concept of foreign brand planning.

Ten, not forward-looking and innovative. In the industry to imitate others planning is not a secret,  Aluminum Foil Tea Bag some enterprises in the past planning scheme, change the graphics on the launch of the new version.